Opening Times

Advanced Dates We know we’re Closed

Closed Friday June 3rd & Saturday June 4th.

Closed Saturday 2nd July

We won’t be opening Friday or Saturdays from July 20th – August 3rd. (Even if the weather is grim!)

Other than that, we’re here every Friday night and Saturday afternoon, till the summer break in July!

Normal Opening Times

Our Roller Disco is open EVERY Friday Night 8:00-10pm and Saturday Afternoon 3-5:30pm – pick the disco that suits your needs as they are very different! We also sometimes open Half Term Wednesdays (mimicking Saturdays). In the Summer our opening is weather dependent.

Summer-time we “semi-open”

During the summer months, typically July-August we operate the same times/days as usual but observe a weather dependent opening, due to the high temperatures and lower than average turnouts due to holidays… check the facebook page for confirmation (usually 24hrs before), but as a general rule…. check the weather and …

If it’s Grim, we’re in…

If it’s Hot, we’re not!

Beach Live Festival

Beach Life – The Eastbourne Skate Festival, this year is 15-17th July 2022 – we’ll be doing something – indoor or out! Exactly what depends on the weather – see closer to the time.

Latest information

In all cases (even if you are not “on facebook”) the current information can be found on our facebook page here.