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Please Come to  Childs Xth Roller Birthday Party!

  • Main Organiser: You
  • Contact Phone: Your Phone
  • Contact Email: Your Email
  • Party Date: When you want it
  • Time: Time You want it
  • Location: Where You Want it
  • Confirmed Guests: 0
  • Guests with Skates: 0
  • Guests requiring skates: 0
  • Invites RSVP BY: When you Like
  • Refreshments: Ours, yours or none as you wish.

Special Note to Guests: .

Please let us know if there are any allergies/ special diet requirements

If your child is not very confident on skates check out the SK8school Skate Lessons or pop into the Roller Disco for a practice.

Parents welcome to skate as well, if you need skates, please RSPV for yourselves as well.

Safety First! If you have any pads or bike helmets please bring them! We have plenty to borrow, but you may prefer to use your own.

How to find the Place you want us to host it at:

[Map goes here :) ]

Guests – Please Reply To this Post (on the webpage) to confirm your attendance AND ensure you note any skates you may require (otherwise we may not have the skates you need on the night!).

Eastbourne Roller Disco Birthday Party QR CodeCheck out the Party Invite at :

The password to the page is: What you asked it to be

Host: Please print off and distribute this page [TBC] as the party invite :)

Note to Parents: If your child cannot even stand on skates yet… don’t worry there are plenty of SK8school classes between now and the party! Also you can visit the Eastbourne Roller Disco and practice there. This runs every Saturday 2:30pm !

See other SK8school parties on facebook: Roller Birthday Party

Guests with Own Skates

Guests Requiring Skates

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