Skating Parties, Hen and Roller Birthday Party’s

We offer TWO types of Skating Party / Roller Birthday Party. Either way we can deal with the invites for you, saving you all the “who needs what skates” problems. Take a look at the demo party invite in the RSVP section at the bottom of the page.

Option 1] Integrated into the Weekly Roller Discoimg_20160312_152707176

Ideal for parties with a small number of guests (up to 40) we provide you with a private party table, priority access, discounted entry and skate hire. We arrange the party invites, which deals with any menu choices (if you use catering that benefits from pre-ordering) and skate hire requirements too. We will make your party a Trouble free, Huge success. Costs from £4 per person and £1 skate hire per person.

Feel free to bring your own food and drink, Cake etc. or order in from a variety of vendors.

10% off for orders delivered to the Sports Park!

If you order from PizzaStop (01323 725552) they will give you 10% off to orders delivered to the sports park :) Example- 2 large pizzas will probably feed 10 kids, for less than £25).

Party Decoration Experts!

Want some decoration for your party tables? Call in the experts at Sweethearts Party Boutique. They can sort out everything from the Balloons to tableware and everything in between! (07979156382).

Option 2] A Private Skating Party /Roller Birthday Partyimg_20160319_154749242

Ideal for large numbers of guests and it can come to you! This is a SET FEE party (Starting at £150 plus travel plus venue hall hire (before booking with us, make sure your chosen venue has a free time slot, on the date and time you want!)

This Party includes all the usual elements for a fabulous Roller Birthday experience (limited to the facilities at your chosen venue).

We bring to you (or supply at our venue if you book it outside normal disco times) all the following as a minimum:

  • Party Invites
  • DJ
  • Skate Instructor
  • Skate Hire and Protective Gear (all included FREE)
  • Games
  • Equipment
  • Music

The only things not covered in our set fee are traveling expenses (if outside Eastbourne) and venue hire.

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How it all works

Book your party using the form at the end of the page, we’ll contact you to discuss your requirements and venue availability (if it’s integrated – you are responsible for venue hire for private parties).

We then set about building your party invite here on the website, in both email and paper versions, so you can pass them on to your guests. Your private web page will appear on the right in the RSVP menu. (Check the demo one to see the sort of things covered).


Guests RSVP directly to your private web page so you know who is attending and we know what size skate they need and how much skating experience they have, which helps with party games planning. Any catering menus are handled on the invite too!

On the day we roll up, set up and run the party for you, getting the skates organised, playing the music, teaching the beginners and running all the games and entertainments, then, clearing away at the end.

Relax – we have it all covered!

Once you’ve filled in the form you will get an AUTOMATIC email, within 60 seconds… If you don’t see it please check: Is it in your junk-mail, or did you fill out your email address incorrectly?


    Add me to the mailing listI'm happy to miss out :(

    If you have a small (sub 40 guests) party you’ll probably want the integrated option.

    If you want to do something on a special date, or at a special location, we can come to you for a private party, which starts at £150 set fee (plus travel and venue hire). In all cases we do the invites. So your skate hire worries are sorted for you. The invite can also include menu choice if you need it.

    The integrated option includes all tables and chairs etc. and of course there is no hall rental either. But it will need to be on a date the Roller Disco is running. (Usually Fridays, Saturdays or Wednesdays during half terms etc.). Our venue is HUGE so having several parties in at once is no issue, when you look at the RSVP section below, you’ll soon see how many parties we have on what dates.

    The hall holds about 400 skaters so there’s no problem on that score!!!